Mama Mantics – Creating Healthy Habits

Creating healthy habits isn’t just about eating right and exercising. It’s about taking care of yourself mentally, especially as a parent. Refilwe Madumo chats to us about the simple tools she used to find her joy and return balance in her home.

Mama Mantics is a mini online show where actress and content producer Refilwe Madumo talks about her journey through human-first parenting. She shares her ups, downs and the crazy- because there will be “the crazy”. While raising two light-bearing sons and having a booming acting career, she’s learning how to find the balance on this never ending journey to complete self love.

Whether it’s talking about how to raise children who love themselves or accepting that you need to be kind to yourself as a parent– we invite you to share your experiences with us, and may each episode be a reminder that YOU’VE GOT THIS, MAMA!